Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Talk at the Conway Historical Society

Tim Blagg, editor of the Recorder and well known historian will give the first program of the year at the Conway Historical Society, Tuesday, September 8th at 7.30 at the historical society building, 50 Main Street.

He will talk about the birth of what became known as the "American System of Manufacturing" in the valley, centered on the Springfield Armory, between l820 and l855. This type of precision manufacturing, originally developed to produce firearms for the government, spun off the bicycle, typewriter, and sewing machine businesses as well as the automobile business.
American machiine tools and techniques spread around the world, and when, coupled with Henry Ford's assembly line techniques, allowed this country to lead the way into the modern world of manufacuring asnd interchangeable parts.

Mr. Blagg is an historian who specializes in military history and the history of technology. He is currently completing a master's program in military history at Norwich University.

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