Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Dudley family of Granby, Belchertown, and South Hadley

September 6, 2009

Dear Bob:

Thanks for taking Marie and I yesterday to the site of your great-grandfather's farm in Granby.

As you know, your great-grandfather Charles Dudley was born about 1820 in Ireland, and died 28 Aug 1897 in Belchertown.

You wrote to me recently:

“...Let me just give you a little bit of what Aunt Lizzie talked about to me when I would visit her:

Charles Dudley came to this country from Ireland but arrived in Canada. He came to Troy, N.Y. where I think he received the papers he needed. Then he came to Massachusetts, and found work at the Springfield Armory during the Civil War where they were manufacturing the famous Springfield Rifle. He eventually brought his wife to this country which I assume was after he had made enough money to buy land and build a house in Granby. There his children were born. Aunt Lizzie would tell me stories about the hill at the back where she and her sisters would go picking wild berries and bringing them home for the family. The cellar hole of the house is still there, although it's getting covered with bushes and saplings. Eventually, he bought a farm in Belchertown, and he kept the Granby property as a wood lot.”

As you know, among the seven children of CHARLES DUDLEY and MARGARET HEALY were:

i. JOHN DUDLEY, b. Abt. 1856, probably Troy, New York; d. 1903, Amherst MA.

ii. JAMES R. DUDLEY, b. Nov 1865, Troy, New York; d. 22 Feb 1931, S. Hadley.

iii. MARGARET MARY DUDLEY, b. Abt. 1854, probably Troy, New York

John Dudley was your grandfather. James Dudley married Annie Welch, who was the granddaughter of Patrick Loftus, from whom Marie and I are both descended.

About Margaret Dudley, you wrote:

All have is this one document of the sale of the Belchertown farm, which, by the way, was on the, "third day of January AD. 1902 by and between Margaret Dudley, Mary Ann Dudley, (about whom I never heard a word) Elizabeth Ann Dudley, Margaret Mary Moran, Ellen Murphy, John Dudley and James Dudley, the widow and heirs at law of Charles Dudley late of Belchertown...and George Sanford and J. L. Stebbins, both of said Belchertown...”

Some of the Dudley family later migrated to South Hadley, where you were raised.

You can see the photos I took at

- Bob Judge

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