Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Croysdale Tea Room - Click here

My great aunts Isabelle and Frances Lois Parfitt owned and operated a tea room and inn called Croysdale up on Newton St. just a little beyond Mt. Holyoke. It was built for them by their brother, my great Uncle John Parfitt. It is stucco. The year is imprinted on the chimney along with the words : The House that Jack Built. (1920?) Isabelle and Frances were very big in the WCTU.

They also chaperoned students on trips abroad.

They were my maternal grandmother's sisters and brother. She also had a brother named Will Parfitt. The two men had a furniture store in Holyoke, and I don't remember where. They lived in Holyoke, as did the aunts in later years.

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Elizabeth Winslow Johnson

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