Friday, August 14, 2009

The Lelands...and more

Hi Bob,

It is truly great to read the blogs. The gal who did the blog on Peter Bain did a beautiful job. I saw him play only once and couldn't believe my eyes, although I wasn't surprised because his dad, Jackie, was a full-scale athlete.

Something made me think back to Barbara Leland, the doctor's daughter who lived on the corner of Bardwell and Carew. I am sure many old timers will remember her; she was a fun person.

Well...about twelve years ago my wife and I were able to visit with Barbara and Don who had a fabulous condo overlooking the Gulf on Bonita Beach up the road from us. One evening we arrived to an unforgettable surprise: sitting in the living room were Dick Sholl and his wife, Dick Bonneville and his second wife, Roberta Alvord and her husband...and, to top the surprises off, Janet Roberts, our biology teacher and neighbor, and her husband. She looked younger than we did!

On the way across the highway to dinner (I still call it "supper.") Dick Sholl asked me if I would give some thought to writing a fun history of South Hadley as we lived it.

Thinking of Barbara started me reminiscing about her dad, "Doc" Leland,who brought at least half of us kids into the world; and I had a flashback to the dvd that Barbara's daughter created from "Doc"'s old l6mms. It is a town treasure, and I hope it is still available for viewing in the Falls Library. Priceless shots of the '36 Flood. "Doc" always had to have the latest gadget on the market. So now we have that dvd.

Bob, how about some blogs from folks recalling the medical doctors we had in town. There must be a slew of anecdotes out there. I know I alone could go on for pages about "Doc" Leland. Besides being our family doctor he was a close family friend. I can still smell his office!

When we think back to those "town doctors" we sure have a rather startling contrast to the medical care today. Here in Florida we...are lucky to see them for fifteen minutes...

Hope the bloggers stay up late polishing their gems for us.

Bill Cary

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