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RE: Dudley and Zebryk families


Last week, I received my copy of the South Hadley High School 2009 Directory. You are listed, which tells me that you ordered one too, and I assume that you received yours last week. I took a quick look at the last names and I noticed a Robert Dudley, Class of 1951. Because I am related to the Dudley family that lived on Lathrop St., I wondered if he might be a distant relative about whom I was unaware. So, I sent him an email, which set off a genealogical exchange between us over the past several days. Like Liz Winslow, Bill, and you, Bob provided some S. Hadley memories, and below is an excerpt of his email to me. Bob gave me permission to put it on the blog, which I will do, along with your August 3 email.

- Bob Judge



From: Robert Dudley

Sent: Friday, July 31, 2009 1:49 PM

To: Bob Judge

Subject: Re: Are you related to the Dudley family that lived on Lathrop Street?


…I lived at the corner of Taylor St. and Canal St. with the front of our house facing Taylor, thus 2 Taylor. James Dudley lived on Lathrop Street in a fairly big house… His wife was Anna… They had a daughter Mary and a son James. Also living in an apartment on the cut thru that went behind the old Fire Station was a brother. His name was John (more known as Jack). He spent a lot of time in the little restaurant on Main St. (in my time it was Conti and Veto to be followed by Caproni's (?).) There were two more brothers who lived in Holyoke. One was Lawrence but I can't think of the other one.

SIDE NOTE: Ernie Allen was my best friend and lived on Lathrop St. so I spent a lot of time up at his house (He was the only one who had a basketball hoop tacked up on the front of his garage.) On school days I would walk up Taylor St. to the top, and he would walk to the corner of Lathrop and No. Main and then we'd walk to school.

My father was brought up by his maiden Aunt Elizabeth Dudley who lived on School St. She lived in a duplex directly across from the Methodist Church. My father was George Dudley, and he had a brother John who lived with Aunt Lizzie his whole life. She lived well into her nineties. From some of the papers of my great Aunt Lizzie I have some of the family tree starting with Charles (?) (would have been my father's grandfather and my father was born in 1892…).

- Bob Dudley

From: John Zebryk
Sent: Monday, August 03, 2009 2:03 PM
To: BobJudge
Cc: Bill Cary
Subject: South Hadley History


Thank you so much for directing me on 7/29 to the blog re 52 No. Main Street started by Eliz. Winslow Johnson.

The exchange of communications there provided a wonderful trip down memory lane. These were some of the people and locations that I too grew up with and it was great to hear from a contemporary describe some of her personal recollections and you contributing information as to current status.

On a different subject, I noticed at the SH site a notice of a 7/14 meeting at the library on the subject of Preserving and Organizing Family Records. Wish I could have attended inasmuch as I have been working on such a project for quite some time. The question I have is this:

The library obviously cannot be the repository for the bulk of materials families might collect. However, does the library have any sort of compact reference file? For example, I have a Zebryk Family History File which can be easily copied to a single compact disk. Alternately, this same file (without attachments or photos) could be printed out on hard copy (8 1/2 x 11) paper on approx. 40 sheets.

Any information you may have on this question would be appreciated, or, information as to whom this question might be better directed.

...our 'ol hometown is very much appreciated.

John R. Zebryk

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