Monday, August 10, 2009

Oral History Event in Hatfield - Click here - Could we do this in South Hadley?

From: Kathie Gow <>
Subject: Oral History Event in Hatfield
Date: Thursday, August 6, 2009, 2:53 PM

Kate, hi. We met last spring at UMass, where I so enjoyed your presentation to the oral history group. I had hoped to make it to your May event on digital storytelling at the museum...I'd love to exchange stories sometime of how our grants went, or how yours is going (if it's continuing), and what we each learned. But before that might happen, I just wanted to let you know that next Thursday (Aug. 13) at 5:30, I will be hosting an oral history event in Hatfield, sponsored by the town's Council on Aging and the Hatfield Historical Society (see attached flyer). I will be playing edited clips of some of the great stories told by the four octogenarians I interviewed for my Hatfield Cultural Council grant on growing up and working in Hatfield. I expect the event to last about an hour, though the clips themselves only last about 30 minutes (17 clips in all)...I will introduce you and mention the Holyoke Memory Book project...

Kathie Gow,
Sent: Wednesday, March 11, 2009 5:30 PM
To: Kathie Gow
Subject: Re: Holyoke Memory Book

Hi Kathie!

I would love to meet and discuss Oral History with you. I am giving a presentation on Wednesday, March 25th on the 25th floor of the UMass Library in Amherst. Its a group of people who are trying to create an oral history center for the valley and have been meeting for 4-5 months about it...Let me know
> Kate Thibodeau

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