Tuesday, August 11, 2009

From Bill Cary, South Hadley High School Class of 1939.

Date: 8/4/2009 3:14:55 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
From: Bill Cary
To: Bob Judge, John Zebryk

Hi Guys,

Well it sure breaks the summer heat when another geyser erupts from SHF days of yore. The Dudleys! My head is swimming. I didn't realize there were so many hiding in the old burg. Connie Dudley went through school with me. Sweet person. I think her brother was John.

I am not going to get into the storage of genaeological tidbits. If everyone in SHF did a geneo. chart I suspect we would an go back to a common ancestor somewhere in Lichtenstein. And be sure that all would prove to have a Superman Nobleman at their roots who dropped his seed far and wide.

Now listen to this: In a book, The Uncommon People, the author reveals that a certain George or Edward Villiers, way, way back in like the Middle Ages, was a genetic sport who sired six sons and a daughter all with his remarkable characteristics. The descendants of this one man could be regarded as the saviors of Britain. They include Churchill, Eden, the Huxleys, Darwin,Virginia Woolf, Duke of Wellington, on and on. Truly amazing.

As you guys do your geneaologies you may find a "Villiers" in there somewhere. South Hadley owed its prominence to a fine gentleman, possibly, a certain...who lived on the site of the old fire station before it was built.

...getting that biographical directory for the Class of 1939. I want to see if my batting average is in there.

You guys have become dear friends, and I appreciate this wealth. Stay loose at all times!

Bill Cary

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