Saturday, July 25, 2009

"Electric Cars Collide on the South Hadley Falls Bridge"

From the Springfield Republican, July 27, 1896:

On the South Hadley Falls Bridge - Turners Falls and Holyoke Men injured, the Former Quite Seriously.

There was quite a serious collision on the Holyoke bridge at South Hadley Falls late yesterday afternoon, one electric crashing into the rear of another with considerable force. Two men were injured and both cars were quite badly damaged. The cars were going toward South Hadley Falls, the being No. 60 in charge of Conductor Bess and Motorman Cameron. Car No. 15 with Conductor Welch and Motorman Ritchie was a short distance behind, when a horse became frightened at the first car and the motorman brought it to a sudden stop. Motorman Cameron was unable to stop his car soon enough to avoid a collision.

Both cars were well filled with passengers and the crash caused considerable confusion. John Herre of Holyoke and Martin Kneip of Turners Falls, who were riding on the rear platform of the front care, were the only ones injured. Mr. Heere was struck with the brake handle, injuring his thigh quite badly and Mr. Kneip was injured internally. He was taken to the Elm house, and Dr. Franz attended him. He was suffering considerably and peritonitis is feared. Mr. Kneip is grand master of the Cheruskee German order, which is holding a convention at South Hadley Falls.

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