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" so small a place, in South Hadley (at the Canal)"

Northern Spectator Wed. Sept. 10, 1832

Pub. Poultney, Vt. East Village
Horace Greeley from 1826-30 served his newspaper apprenticeship on this paper.

From the Hampshire Sentinel REVIVALS OF RELIGION
....We have recently heard of great awakenings at the west, the north and the south. Of the frequent and extensive revivals in different parts of New England, for the last two or three years, our readers are accurately informed.

Berkshire county, in a special manner, has been blessed by the abundant outpourings of the Holy Spirit. And now the spirit of inquiry appears to be spreading. and approaching nearer our own doors.

We last week had the pleasure of witnessing its cheering effects, in degree surpassing any thing of the kind we ever before saw in so small a place, in South Hadley (at the Canal).

A gentleman informed us that the work of reform commenced about two weeks since, under the labor of one or two young gentlemen, connected with the Wesleyan Academy, in Wilbraham.

A single individual became seriously impressed, while attending a prayer meeting, and soon entertained a hope of having passed from death unto life. One or two more cases immediately followed, which were succeeded by a general excitement, and resulted, as is believed, in the hopeful conversion of twenty four young persons, all employed in the Paper Manufactory of Messrs. Lathrop and Willard.

Such a time, it was stated, had never before occurred in the place. as was the 19th inst. when all labor was suspended, and nothing could be heard throughout the building, but the voices of these young converts, in singing or in prayer.

The work is not confined to this small circle. It is fast extending through the village and vicinity, particularly among the younger classes, and number is daily increasing of those who participate. more or less, in the general solemnity.

A powerful revival of religion is now likewise enjoyed in Ware - we have not been definitely informed as to it's extent or progress, but learn it is increasing.
6/20/09: Thanks to Jack Moss of South Hadley for the document above!

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