Wednesday, June 17, 2009

From Bill Cary

From: Bill Cary
Sent: Wednesday, June 17, 2009
To: Bob Judge
Subject: checking-in

Hi Bob,

...A surprise reward from my book has been contacts from John Zebryk and Mike Nardi who came along about seven years behind me. Both have shared personal memoirs that give me glimpses of the world I had missed while in college and the service.

John Zebryk grew up among the marvelous collection of Slavs on School Street many of whom were boyhood friends of mine. John's mother must have been a superstar. She was the oldest of thirteen children. Her mother died when she was quite young. So his mother had to carry the load of the brood she inherited.

This is the tidbit I want to share: One night when I was about ten a wicked fire consumed a house in the mid-section of School Street on the river side. We were awakened by the firebell and through my bedroom window I was able to see terrifying flames snarling at the night sky.

I asked John if he remembered the fire and he said he just about did since he was only three. But the family joke for years was that his father slept through that fire.

Now there was a deep sleeper!

As you know, John has retired to Sebastian, Florida.
Best wishes!

Bill Cary
Your periodic comments about growing up in S. Hadley, like the ones above, are valuable. They supplement your book well, honing in on particular good individuals like John and Mike, creating more context for that interesting story.

Please keep the recollections coming!

- Bob

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