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Question about a "structure" off of North Main Street

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This is aimed at Ned Noel plus anyone else who may have the answer.

Last summer, with my son, we visited the Holyoke Historic Museum and viewed some photos of South Hadley taken from the Holyoke side prior to, or during, the construction of the new dam.

Above the dam in an area that looked to me to be just before, or near the top, of the crest of North Main Street was a structure I never have been able to identify. It was quite large and to me looked like it could have been a dormitory or boarding house (definitely not a barn but about the length of a tobacco barn, one or 1 1/2 stories high, narrow appearing, and with pointy pitched roof? (Because of perspective, it also could possibly been located much below the crest of North Main St. - wasn't there a Nun's Convent in that area at one time?)

This mystery has been gnawing at me for some time. Would appreciate any more specific information anyone may have.


John R. Zebryk

On a personal note, we are now settled in Florida. This will be the first full Spring we will be away from New England. Already I miss the way spring explodes up there and the forthcoming Memorial Day activities, lilacs, and the parade that all of us kids used to march in every year. Bill Carey and I have become e-mail pals and keep each other informed as to local events as best we can from our respective FL locations.


Great to hear from you! I heard from Bill Cary just yesterday.

The only "nun's convent" in S. Hadley that I have heard of was the house still at 1 Crescent Lane which served that purpose when St. Patrick's church was next to it on North Main Street. That was before the church was picked up and moved from North Main Street to Main Street, where it is now, around 1885.

I will post this message at http://southhadleyhistoricalsociety.blogspot.com/, and maybe we will get a response.

- Bob Judge

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