Monday, May 4, 2009

From Bill Cary of Florida


Sure. I look for Judy when I walk Bardwell Street, and I always stop and chat when I see her. Sorry you missed the interesting talk that night by Tom Bernard.

With your permission assumed, I have posted your note at We need a little breezy chat like that on that site, to lighten up our heavy historical work!

- Bob

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Sent: Monday, May 04, 2009 5:18 PM
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Hi Bob,

I just read Judy Dietel's e-mail, isn’t she priceless? I swear she has a photographic memory. I don't know if you have ever conversed with her, but if you have or if you do, you will sit and listen as I do.

Anyway, I managed to touch almost all of the bases on my northern junket, except that on Monday evening I got snarled in a shindig with my wife's family in Springfield and by the time I scooted to South Hadley Falls around 9 P.M. there was no one in sight at the Congo Church.

Well, I brought you guys some Florida weather. Perhaps a little heavy for you in degrees. The oven door is now open here, but I'll save sharing the heat with you until you call for the annual swelter in July.

Keep up the good work. Hey, Main Street didn't look too bad. There are more trees than I thought.

Bill Cary

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