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Elliott Eugene, George Edwin and Samuel Adolphus Judd

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Looks just fine to me -- and if you or anyone in your organization has any information on the Judd family they'd be willing to share that would be great!

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I have taken the liberty to extract some of this information at

Please feel free to comment. Please let me know if the credit I gave you is adequate.

Thank you to Steve Soper, from whose post I have extracted the information below:


Elliott Eugene Judd was born on September 13, 1841, in South Hadley, Massachusetts, one of twins born to Samuel (1806-1890) and Julia Ann (Swan, d. 1894). (His twin sister was Ellen Eugenia.)

In 1852 Samuel moved the family from South Hadley, where he had lived for some 46 years, to Grand Rapids...

Another son was George Edwin Judd, was born on March 23, 1838, in South Hadley.

Samuel and Julia were married on December 1, 1830 and by 1833 were residing in Avon, New York, although shortly afterwards they moved to South Hadley, Massachusetts where they were living by 1834 and indeed where they lived for some years.

One more son of of Samuel and Julia was Samuel Adolphus Judd, born on May 11 or 21, 1834, in South Hadley, Massachusetts.

Samuel A. married South Hadley native Clarissa Louise Smith (1834-1922) October 25, 1854, at the Congregational church in South Hadley, Massachusetts, and they had two children: William Elliott (b. 1855) and Jennie Eugenia (b. 1858).

In August of 1862 Clarissa applied for and received a widow’s pension (no. 415).

In 1868 she married John Kellogg of Massachusetts and subsequently reported herself as guardian when she applied for and was granted a pension on behalf of her children (no. 125349).

Following the death of her second husband in 1887, Clarissa, who was living in Holyoke, Hampden County, Massachusetts, applied for a renewal of her former widow’s pension in 1901 which was granted, drawing $20 per month, and $30 per month by 1922. By 1922 she was living at 102 Elm Street in Holyoke, Massachusetts.

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