Wednesday, April 29, 2009

News from Sycamores

From Ken Williamson:

The Sycamores Committee of the South Hadley Historical Society made considerable progress in restoring Sycamores and Rawson House during the past year. All ceilings in Sycamores were plastered, the first two floors and the halls buttoned up and given a skim coat of plaster and drywall added to the third floor. The ceilings have been painted by prisoners from the Hampshire County House of Correction. Landscaping was completed. A new lawn was installed last fall along with a crushed stone driveway and brick sidewalks. A handicapped lift was purchased and installed on a concrete pad. The very low temperatures of January caused the heating system to fail; a new furnace was purchased and installed. The catering kitchen on the first floor was completely renovated with the purchase of a reach-in refrigerator, a 6-burner gas cooktop, a complete set of new cupboards and a green serpentine countertop from stone recovered from the the old Carr Laboratory at Mount Holyoke College. A double wall oven and a stainless steel island on casters completed the renovation. All eleven of the heavily paneled doors and the seven pairs of interior shutters were removed from Sycamores and transported by Bob Szklarz to Lebanon, PA where the many layers of paint were removed. These were then sanded, repaired, and given two coats of paint before being rehung. We are grateful for the time and energy donated by the 14 members of the Sycamores Committee. We are also indebted to the Historical Society for the purchase of a sign that has been installed in front of Sycamores/Rawson House. For more information, click here to go to Sycamores


Anonymous said...

I had the opportunity to visit South Hadley this past week when I was in the Boston area on business. My 'host sister' Gretchen (Brown) Noiseux and I came back to South Hadley to visit with friends from my 1977 graduating class and to take a few pictures of the beautiful restoration of my former ABC House, 28 Woodbridge. Many of us girls who were nurtured and loved by the persons of South Hadley have wonderful lives through the support of A Better Chance programming and South Hadley generosity.
I had a wonderful trip and I thank the many persons that continue the restoration of this truly wonderful landmark. Darlene (Lobaugh)D'Altorio-Jones

South Hadley Historical Society said...

ABC was such a wonderful program. Our present Governer is a prime example. It was too bad that the planned reunion for the South Hadley girls did not take place last year since we have our own success stories.

Maybe it will still happen.

Connie Clancy