Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dinosaur tracks in South Hadley

I am researching the paleontological investigations of my uncle, Roland T. Bird, and amending his various biographical sketches. In his autobiography he describes coming to South Hadley in 1936 to see dinosaur tracks nearby and finding Carlton Nash, then a teenager, who had collected tracks -- his son maintains the Nash Quarry north of South Hadley. The famous Pliny Moody tracks that Edward Hitchcock of Amherst eventually collected (still at Amherst College) came from near the Nash place. You might add something to your website, saying just where Pliny Moody lived (I think it was at an intersection 2.3 mi. north from the middle of South Hadley at a spot called Moody's Corner). It is sort of a holy spot for paleontologists.

Thanks, Robert Bird

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