Monday, March 16, 2009

Marriage and Birth Records

Dear Ms. Lyons:

I suggest you try one or more of these three resources:

1. The Massachusetts State Archives, at I have used its library for similar questions successfully.
3. The South Hadley Town Clerk’s office (Town Clerk, Town Hall, 116 Main St., S. Hadley MA 01075). You could send your email to

I will send a copy of your email to a couple of other members of the Historical Society, encouraging them to give you any different suggestions they might have.

Please let us know how you make out, as we are always curious as to which sources of S. Hadley history prove most helpful to genealogists.

Bob Judge
Member, South Hadley Historical Society

From: Jennifer []
Sent: Sunday, March 08, 2009 5:58 PM
Subject: Marriage and Birth Records

Can you please suggest a resource that would have microfilm of South Hadley marriages and births concerning the years 1826-1834? I am trying to prove parentage of an ancestor born in South Hadley in 1830, & all published genealogies give a marriage date 4 years after the birth.

Is Charles Porter Russell (1830-1898), son of Harvey Russell (1804-1872) and Joanna Smith (1808-1837)? They weren’t married until 1834. Joanna Smith Russell died in 1837, the same year as Charles Porter Russell’s brother Willard A. Russell was born.

Joanna Smith was the dau. of Noah Smith and Jerusha Cowles.
Harvey Russell was the son of Chester Russell and Anna Clary.

Harvey Russell re-married Lucy P. Holden in 1846 in Hawley, Mass.

I want to verify the marriage date in said published genealogies is correct


Charles Porter Russell’s birth date is correct


Charles Porter Russell has a different birth mother


Charles Porter Russell is a son of Joanna Smith, but not biologically the son of Harvey Russell.

Any suggestions appreciated.


Jennifer Russell Lyons
Austintown, Ohio

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