Friday, March 20, 2009

"Lore and Legacy of the Holyoke Dam and South Hadley Canal"

"God Almighty Couldn’t Sweep it Away”:
Lore and Legacy of the
Holyoke Dam and South Hadley Canal
March 24 at 4:15. Dwight 101
Tim Binzen and Tim Barker, Project Archaeologists,
UMass Archaeological Services

In the nineteenth century, the Holyoke Dam was called the largest harnessing of hydropower on the planet. The South Hadley Canal was the first waterway of its kind in the United States. Both projects spawned technological innovations and embodied the hubris of the age, but had considerable environmental ramifications, which are considered in this presentation. This lecture will review the complicated legacy of these major historical resources.

Ruby S. Maddox-Fisher
Program Coordinator
Center for the Environment
Mount Holyoke College
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South Hadley, MA 01075-1486
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