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Schiffner and Popp

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Thank you for the help. I feel I'm so close to making a connection with a Popp descendant!

Any chance you might be able to forward my request for a Charlie Popp photo to Stephen Popp? I have such a strong image in my head of him directing traffic that I've got to believe a photo exists.

I haven't heard back from Dale so far, but I know I'm asking for a lot of favors. With all the folks you interviewed for the oral history project, I bet at least one of them has a treasure trove of photos waiting to be brought out.

All the same, any further forays into a Schiffner or Popp picture is gratefully appreciated.

My client's name is Ken Miller. He was born in 1927.

Peter Savigny

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Yes, the museum will be closed until May. However, I read my email often during the day, so we should be able to stay in touch this way unless that becomes insufficient.

Yes, you are referring to Charlie Popp (with two "P's). I am 57 years old and too young to remember him. However, he is well remembered in S. Hadley. My uncle has enjoyed telling me about him. He was known as "Charlie Popp the Cop." I don't think he was the Chief. My uncle said that he used to direct traffic at the corner of Main Street and Bridge Street, waving his arms enthusiastically to direct the traffic.

His son, (not daughter) was Alfred "Bunny" Popp. The Popp and Schiffner families were related, perhaps through marriage. I 'm not sure of the relation, but I can find that out.

I remember Anna Schiffner, an impressive-looking woman with a beehive hairstyle who worked at the store. And I remember "Bunny" Popp well when he worked there when I was young. That was the favorite store for all of us who were growing up in S. Hadley Falls in the 1950's and 1960's. He was a very big man, who used to work at the store in a white tee shirt, and he used to put his big hands into glass containers that contained the penny candy that we would buy there. He also operated a scuba diving business. I saw his son Stephen just the other day outside of the Popp home on North Main Street, which is still in the family, apparently. Stephen's sister was a classmate of mine at S. Hadley High School.

That house is directly across the street from the Schiffner house, a photo of which you can see at (51 North Main St.).

I am curious as to the name of your client, although I will certainly respect it if you do not wish to share it with me.

In response to my inquiry on your behalf, one Historical Society member wrote to me, "Bob, The only picture of Schiffner's that I have ever seen is the interior sketch with various personalities that would gather there in the mornings in the 1940's and 50's for coffee. That is probably the one that Dale has. If there are any other pictures I would also like to see them as I have many memories there (penny candy, nickel ice cream cones, peddling newspapers, etc.) Brian"

Another wrote, "Hi Bob, after the 1936 flood washed away Schiffner's store at 8 Main Street my father, a building contractor, built a new brick store at 4 Bardwell Street for William and Anna Schiffner. I have never seen a picture of it. There is a picture of the interior of the newsroom when it was on Main Street on page 50 of the town's 250th anniversary book. - John"

I still patronize the store sometimes, now a typical convenience store called "Stop and Go." It is too bad that we have lost the unique stores of years ago.

I can find out more about the Schiffner and Popp families if you would like, from older residents who will remember them well, and/or I can try to get them into contact with you directly. Rather than the address, please feel free to use my personal address,

- Bob Judge



Thanks for the email response. I called earlier, but got the "closed" message.

There is one person who keeps coming up in my clients' conversation. A one-time police chief (?) named Charlie Pop. Does that name ring a bell? He had a daughter, Bunny Pop. A photo or contact to a photo is what I'm seeking. That, and Schiffners Newsroom.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Peter Savigny

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Dear Mr. Savigny:

I will send a copy of this email to Dale Johnston for his response to you.

I am familiar with much of the photo contents of the Society's museum but I have never seen a photo of Schiffner's. However, I will also forward your email to a couple of other Society members in case any know of such a photo. If so, we will respond to you about that.

I am interested in your project. I am sure that you are familiar with StoryCorps, and I recently did a brief oral history on StoryCorps of my
uncle, who like your client, grew up in S. Hadley during the 1930's and 1940's.

Last year, the Society worked with Mt. Holyoke College to do oral histories of those who attended S. Hadley High School in the 1940 and 1950's. You can find those interviews, and other information about S. Hadley history, at the Society website at http: Society's website at

Your client might also find something of interest at

- Bob Judge
S. Hadley Historical Society


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> Hello,
I am a personal historian in NY who produces people's life stories into video recollections. I am working with a client who lived in South Hadley during the 30's & 40's, and remembers Schiffner's Newsroom, among other things. Might there be any access to photos of the town from this period, specifically that one?
I saw a slideshow by Dale Johnston that had one picture, but I need permission to use it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Peter Savigny
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The Hartford Daily Courant, May 8, 1846

Hartford Daily Courant (1840-1887) - Hartford, Conn.
Date: May 8, 1846
Start Page: 2
Pages: 1
Text Word Count: 530
Abstract (Document Summary)
One of the most disastrous fires which it has been our unpleasant duty to record, occurred at the enterprising village of South Hadley Falls, yesterday afternoon. The extensive paper manufacturing establishments of Messrs. Howard & Lathrop, and D. & J. Ames, with the grist mill intervening, were entirely consumed. The fire broke out a little after two o'clock, P. M. in the bleaching room of Messrs. Howard & Lathrop, and the...

The New York Times, July 4, 1855

July 4, 1855, Wednesday
Page 1, 95 words
The Gingham Establishment known as the Glasgow Mills, at South Hadley Falls, was burned this afternoon. The fire originated in a pile of yarn in the attic, and is supposed to have been the result of spontaneous combustion. The machinery and building, with much of the stock, were destroyed.