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Finlayson family

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To Whom It May Concern:

This is a request for any information you may be able to share about two people who lived in your area. (Frank) Anna Finlayson Roberts lived in South Hadley Falls/ South Hadley in the early 1900s. Anna (Christiana) was the daughter of John and Mary Finlayson who came to Ellenburg Depot, NY about 1880 and by 1900 had moved to Holyoke, Massachusetts where John lived with the Roberts family. By 1900 they were living in South Hadley and John was no longer with them. This leads one to believe that he may have died. The following are the birthdates of the Roberts family:

Frank Roberts b. 1853
Anna b. 1860
Nathan b. 1882
Allen b. 1885
Mary b. 1887
William b. 1889

Also, the family of Jennie McLennon Jackson, the daughter of Alexander and Mary Finlayson McLennon, also left Ellenburg Depot, NY and are listed as living in South Hadley Falls/ South Hadley in 1930. The birthdates of the Jacksons are as follows:

1 Jennie McLennon b. 1873
sp Lester Jackson b. 1877
2 Esther b. 1901
2 Thomas b. 1910
2 Evelyn b. 1914
2 Edmond b. 1918

While there are privacy issues that have to be taken into consideration I would deeply appreciate any information that you could send me on any of the people listed, or their descendants. If you choose to research this please e-mail me at laclairchewy@aol.com and inform me of the monetary fees which I will send immediately.

Yours truly,

Kelley Gibson
514 Bull Run Road
Ellenburg Depot, NY 12935

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