Monday, August 11, 2008

From Bill Cary of Florida RE Beauty Scott

Hi Bob,

Me again. Just read the Soap Shop Hill (not Soap Hill as Irene believes) contributions and suddenly had an idea for you:

It was real fun reading remarks from old friends, and from other Townies I know only by name. Perhaps we can use this venue to keep memories flowing. Let's suppose that some topic the "soap shop," and folks just drop in on it with short contributions. How about this one off the top of my ancient brain? What was 'Beauty' Scott's dog's name? I don't know but others might. Chasing it down would bring 'Beauty' back for us as a marvelous 'character'.

Hugs to all,

Bill Cary

P.S. Oh my gosh! Talking about Beauty's dog just flashed me back to Mr. Gilligan. He walked around the Falls with a wonderful collie that would do tricks. I wonder how many remember him.

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Robert Judge said...


As a child in the 1950's, I remember seeing and hearing about Beauty Scott. But someone else will have to remember his dog's name!

- Bob Judge