Monday, June 30, 2008

UMASS Public History program and South Hadley


I can forward your email to the South Hadley Historical Commission, the South Hadley Historic District Study Committee, and to the South Hadley Historical Society. I have no doubt that South Hadley could propose an excellent “future preservation project” that would interest the UMASS Public History program.

Before I forward your email, can you provide guidelines about how South Hadley should propose a project? Would you want a written proposal first, or would you want a meeting first to discuss one or more project ideas? If you would want a written proposal, can you give me guidelines for a proposal? If the UMASS Public History program would want to meet with interested South Hadley residents first, when and where would be your preferences for such a meeting?

Bob Judge
Member, South Hadley Historical Society
From: Niki Lefebvre
Sent: Monday, June 30, 2008 3:10 PM
To: Bob Judge
Cc: Charles Johnson
Subject: Re: Invitation to view Hadley's Picasa Web Album - Hadley Barn Survey

Dear Mr. Judge and Mr. Johnson,

Thank you for your enthusiasm for our project! We did intentionally skip the Farm Museum because it is located in the center historic district. Per request of the historic commission we only documented three Hadley neighborhoods (Russelville, Plainville, and Hartsbrook), none of which is inside a historic district.

I would be thrilled to see another similar project in South Hadley. I passed along your email, Bob, to Marla Miller and David Glassberg. David will be teaching the Intro to Public History course this fall, which the perfect opportunity to get students involved. Have you heard from him?

I'm interested to hear more about your thoughts for South Hadley and future preservation projects.



PS - Thanks for spreading the word about the site!

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