Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Tryphosa Church

“I am trying to locate the parents of my gr-gr grandmother, Tryphosa Church . She was born in 1801 in South Hadley …”

Monday, October 3, 2005

The Walnut Grove Dairy

“I recently purchased a milk bottle with the embossed name of walnut grove dairy on it. Do you have any information on where this dairy was located, and who owned it, or the years of operation? My family has lived in town for many years and we have never heard of this dairy...”

Historical Society members have provided this information:
1. …This bottle plus a Green Pine Dairy Bottle are on the Internet (EBay) right now under (6213855293) & (6213849954). I will not BID on them but if any one else does I suggest that they let the group know…
2. I, at one time, collected milk bottles (they are gone now) and I compiled a listing of Holyoke and South Hadley bottles. As I remember, Walnut Grove was a beautiful embossed 1/2 pint bottle.
The only years I found this Walnut Grove was 1933 and 1934. However, also at 4 Elm Street was Mrs. Clara Martin, widow of Fred P. Martin…Martin's Holyoke bottle also says Jersey Cream and is identical to the Walnut Grove bottle…1918… Frederick P. Martin, wholesale cream, 4 Elm Street, SHF …In 1915, 4 Elm Street was Howard C. Lamb, milk dealer…1919 - Mrs. Clara A. Martin, widow Fred, wholesale Cream, 4 Elm Street…1932 - under milk dealers, Clara A. Martin, 4 Elm Street…1933 - First listing of Walnut Grove Dairy, Mrs. Clara A, Martin, 4 Elm Street, South Hadley Falls.