Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Hampshire Paper Company

“…Several years back north of Cincinnati , I acquired a box of "Old Hampshire Vellum - A Stationary of Distinction." It has sat at our bureau for many years. I am curious to see what its age is… I am trying to find out the dates of when the Hampshire Paper Co. of South Hadley Falls, Mass was in business. Would you be able to help me to find out this information or be able to direct me to someone who can help? Thank you for your time. Sincerely, -Ann…”

According to "The South Hadley 250th Anniversary Book (2003), page 47:
"About 1864, the Glasgow Co...built a mill that produced paper of excellent quality... (that) in April 1866...was sold to Edward, Wells, and John Southworth, previous stockholders in the Glasgow Co., who organized the Hampshire Paper Co. Hampshire Paper was managed by the Southworth family until late 1935 when the Hampshire mill machines were shut down. Production of Old Hampshire bond and other well-established lines (Ann, perhaps including your Old Hampshire Vellum?) was carried on by the Carew Manufacturing Co., using some of Hampshire Paper's facilities.
On January 24, 19 40 , the Stevens Paper Mills, Inc. of Windsor , CT , took over the Hampshire Paper Co…about 1968, the South Hadley plant was closed. The mill was demolished about 1970."
On Page 34 of the 250th book, a caption of an excellent photo reads, "View in 1895 of the...Hampshire...mills..."
A search for "Hampshire Paper Co." on Google provided this link: Apparently, the Hampshire Paper Co. had operations in Holyoke as well as S. Hadley.

Monday, August 1, 2005

Clarence George Shocro

“I am looking for information about my father's family. My father was Clarence George Shockro, and he was born and raised in South Hadley , MA (born in June of 1909). His grandfather immigrated from Ireland perhaps under the name of Sughrue. How might I find information about my father's family from the time they arrived in South Hadley ? Patricia Gordon.”